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Patio Collapse in Doraville Raises Questions About Landlord Liability

Four people suffered injuries while attending a party this May when a second-floor patio collapsed. The injury victims were standing with a group of people on a second-floor patio at the Landmark at Banyan Bay apartments, as food was being cooked. Those hurt in the fall sustained minor injuries. The cause of the collapse has […]

Attractive Nuisance and Serious Premises Injuries

Sometimes, property owners choose to erect potentially dangerous structures on their own property. Some examples could include pools, tree houses or ramps. While this is certainly their right, it does not come without responsibility. The decision to create such hazards carries with it a legal obligation to take steps to protect others, even trespassers, from […]

Was Poor Security Responsible for an Apparent Wrongful Death in Macon?

In September 2013, a teenager was shot to death at a Macon motel. The accounts of the incident vary greatly between witnesses and police. What is certain is that 19-year-old Darius Washington – witnesses disagree whether he was from Macon or Warner Robins – was fatally shot in the chest at the Atlanta-area Scottish Inn […]

Georgia Property Owners May be Liable for Your Injury

Have you been harmed because of inadequate security on someone else’s property? Until recently, premises liability cases were extremely difficult to win in the state of Georgia. While still difficult, the law in Georgia is becoming more relaxed on the subject and recovery is now possible in certain cases. One common basis for premises liability […]