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Georgia Property Owners May be Liable for Your Injury

Have you been harmed because of inadequate security on someone else’s property? Until recently, premises liability cases were extremely difficult to win in the state of Georgia. While still difficult, the law in Georgia is becoming more relaxed on the subject and recovery is now possible in certain cases.

One common basis for premises liability is a claim of inadequate security against a store, hotel or apartment building owner. Inadequate security can take many forms.  A recent news story about a woman who was attacked and robbed in a department store parking lot may be one example.

Property owners who invite people onto their property for a lawful purpose assume the duty of ordinary care to keep the premises and approaches safe.  Failure to do so may result in liability for the premises owner.  In other words, storeowners who invite patrons onto their property to shop or browse, and hotel or apartment building owners who invite people onto their property to socialize or relax, have a duty to keep those invitees safe.

If a store or business has reason to foresee a danger of criminal assaults to its customers, it may have a duty to take reasonable measures to deter, prevent, or guard against those assaults.  Evidence of prior assaults or crimes on the property, or evidence of prior similar crimes in the vicinity of the property, or in similarly situated locations could constitute a foreseeable danger.

Unfortunately, not all Georgia property owners properly secure their premises. If you or someone you know has been injured on someone else’s property, contact an experienced Atlanta attorney who specializes in premises liability cases and who can protect your rights.