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Professional Endorsements

Great respect for expertise and abilities

I greatly respect Greg’s expertise and abilities as a lawyer, and equally his character for integrity and diligence on behalf of his clients. I have known him for many years, since we were in law school together and as a fellow member of the bar since. I know that my views of him are widely shared in the bar. I commend him highly to any potential client, and I would never hesitate to entrust him with any legal matter of my own.

Roger Wilson, Esq. – Colleague

A lawyer of the highest caliber

Greg McMenamy is a lawyer of the highest caliber both in terms of skill and ethics. I have known Greg for years, and recommend him as strongly as possible. I have referred clients to Greg, and they have all been very pleased.

Robert Joseph, Esq. – Colleague

Integrity, intellect and dedication

I can endorse attorney Greg McMenamy because I have known him for many years and can attest that he is a lawyer of great character that practices law with the utmost integrity, intellect and dedication to his clients and his profession.

Richard Lyons, Esq. – Colleague

An excellent lawyer

Greg McMenamy is an excellent lawyer. He goes the extra mile to obtain the best results for his clients.

Kevin Bahr, Esq. – Colleague

A credit to the profession

I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer’s work. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Greg on many different cases. He has an uncanny ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and obtaining great results for his clients. He is a fine lawyer and is a credit to our profession.

C. Kaufman, Esq. – Colleague