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SUV Strikes Motorcycle in Fatal Georgia Crash

Law enforcement authorities continued to investigate a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in Lawrenceville, Georgia September 20. According to news reports, an SUV driven by a 49-year-old man struck a 55-year-old man who was riding a motorcycle. The rider died at the scene, and no charges have yet been filed against the driver of the […]

Accident on GA-6 Fits Upward Trend in Older Biker Deaths

A Sunday excursion on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle ended tragically for a husband and wife on Georgia Highway 6. According to the Georgia State Patrol, it was around midnight, July 3, when a westbound 1999 F-150 pickup clipped a 2002 Chevy Silverado, causing that truck to collide with the motorcycle. LeAnne Dobson was killed and Robert […]

Retired Deputy Fire Chief Killed in Motorcycle Accident

A deputy fire chief who had recently retired from his position was killed in a motorcycle accident the evening of Saturday, April 4 in Whitfield County. The victim had just retired in February after putting in more than 30 years of service with the Dalton Fire Department, according to a police spokesperson. According to law […]

Lane Splitting May Cause Severe Motorcycle Accidents

While riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, there are certain practices that some motorcycle riders engage in that could lead to significant safety risks. Chief among these is lane splitting, the process of driving between two lanes of slowly moving or stopped cars. You might see this happening during rush hour or other traffic […]

Factors in Settling Cases Involving Motorcycle Accidents

As you make your decision to file a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim after a serious motorcycle accident, one of the questions you’re likely to encounter is the potential value of your claim. This can be difficult to determine, as there are a number of unique factors affecting the value of motorcycle accident claims. […]

Truck Driver Charged After Fatal Accident with Motorcycle

A truck driver will be charged with homicide by vehicle and making an improper U-turn after his involvement in an accident that left a motorcyclist dead on an Atlanta road. The crash happened at the intersection of Ferncliff Road and Lenox Road NE. The driver of the truck was in the far right lane and […]

Can Helmet Non-Use Affect the Rights of Motorcycle Accident Victims?

Every motorcyclist should wear a helmet every time he or she rides. This is true not only because it is the law in Georgia but because studies have repeatedly shown that riders who wear helmets are less likely to be killed in accidents and that helmets can significantly decrease the severity of motorcycle head injuries […]

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Should Be Year-Round

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) designates May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month — but safety awareness needs to be year-round. As the weather warms up after a record cold winter, motorcycle riders will return to the roads in large numbers. Unfortunately, the odds are good that many will die and more will be […]

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy riding for many reasons, not the least of which is the undeniable appeal of having the wind in your face on the open road on a warm spring day. Nevertheless, traveling on a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than driving or riding in a car, not only because motorcyclists lack the protection […]

Fatal Semi-truck Collision in Henry County: Is This a Case of Wrongful Death?

In September 2013, a motorcyclist was killed in Atlanta in a collision with a semi-truck. Police state that 45-year-old Edward Bridges, of Riverdale, was riding northbound on Interstate 75, near the intersection of Interstate 675 in Henry County, when a southbound semi-truck crossed the median and collided with Mr. Bridges almost head-on. Apparently the semi-truck […]