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Georgia Truck Drivers and Cellphones: A Deadly Combination

Under federal law, commercial motor vehicle operators are not allowed to use cellphones to text while driving. They are also restricted from using cellphones for talking unless they are using a hands-free device. Violations of these regulations can result in civil penalties of up to $2,750 in fines. Recent changes in Georgia law have brought […]

Driver Fined for Causing Dangerous Accident While Distracted

A Sandy Springs man recently admitted to causing a highly dangerous crash on Interstate 285. After owing up to his role in the accident, a judge sentenced him to a hefty fine, a year of probation and a mandatory defensive driving course. The man is quite fortunate no one was killed in the car accident. […]

Just How Dangerous is Distracted Driving?

Distracted drivers put themselves and others at risk when they choose to engage in activities that take their attention off the road. In fact, it has become a very serious problem over the past several years in particular, especially given the fact that almost everyone today has a cell phone with them at all times. […]

The Role of Driver Error in Car Accidents

Driver error is one of the most common causes of auto accidents in Georgia and across the country. Understanding the warning signs of driver error can help improve safety and allow you to identify when a driver is at fault for a crash. The following are the most widespread causes of driver error. Distracted driving: […]

The Deadliest Driving Distractions

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents in the United States. The dangers of texting and talking on the phone while driving are well known and have been clearly established, as they make up the majority of distracted driving injuries and deaths. But what are some of the other deadliest examples […]

Distracted Truck Driver Arraigned on Charges of Killing Two in Crash

In May of 2013, George and Kathleen Weed of Pittsford, New York were northbound on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania on a Friday afternoon. Moving in stop-and-start traffic, Mr. and Mrs. Weed were behind a tractor-trailer, itself following another tractor-trailer. Tragedy followed just moments later. Driving a tractor-trailer on I-81, Muniru Iddress, of Lancaster, PA, approached […]