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Understanding the Jones Act and Worker Injuries

Through a federal law called the Jones Act, maritime workers injured on the job have the legal right to sue their employers for damages related to medical bills, lost wages and other costs stemming from their injuries. This law is necessary because maritime workers are not covered through workers’ compensation insurance like most other occupations […]

Workplace Accidents Appear to Be on Decline Nationwide

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that workplace accidents and injuries have been decreasing for most of the past 13 years — and that incident rates continue to decline. According to the agency’s most recent report, there were about 2.9 million nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses that private employers reported to the Occupational Safety […]

Asbestos May Present Significant Hazards to Workers

Although asbestos has not been used in building materials for nearly a half-century, reports from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) indicate that up to 1.3 million workers in the United States are regularly exposed to the hazardous material each day. When inhaled, asbestos fibers can cause serious health issues. Research shows that even […]

OSHA Cites Major Food Producer After Workplace Injuries

The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has cited Koch Foods of Mississippi for several safety violations at the company’s production facility in Morton, Mississippi. The agency reportedly investigated the Koch Foods poultry processing plant after two workers suffered injuries this past spring. It also coincided with OSHA’s Regional Emphasis Program for Poultry Processing […]

Accident at Georgia Port Causes Death to Worker

An accident at a port on the Savannah River resulted in one worker’s death after an SUV the man was loading onto a vessel reportedly jumped off the ramp and fell into the water below. A union representative said that the accident remains under investigation, and he did not release the name of the worker […]

Was the Accident that Killed Star Trek Actor Due to an Auto Defect?

Actor Anton Yelchin, who played Ensign Chekov in three recent Star Trek films, may have died due to a defective auto part and a faulty recall system that keeps too many dangerous vehicles on the road. Mr. Yelchin, 27, died on Sunday, June 19, when his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled forward down the steep […]

One Driver Dead as Two Dump Trucks Plunge from Yellow River Bridge

A deadly crash is under investigation after two dump trucks collided and plunged over opposite sides of a bridge crossing the Yellow River on the I-20 Access Road near Covington. The two trucks were from the same company, G &J Trucking, heading to the same work site. The drivers were coworkers and friends, and the […]

Concussions More Common Among UGA Cheerleaders Than Football Players

Concussions are a form of brain injury typically associated with athletes such as football players and boxers. Recent data from the University of Georgia, however, has left many people in the sporting and medical communities surprised — at UGA, the school’s cheerleaders experience concussions at a higher rate than the football players do.  As cheerleading […]

Understanding Georgia’s Modified Comparative Negligence Rule

Personal injury lawsuits are often based on the concept of negligence, meaning that someone had a duty to help keep others safe, and because of that person or organization’s actions or inactions, another person suffered an injury. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a person, a company or even a government […]

What Are Georgia’s Rules for Awarding Punitive Damages to Injury Victims?

Punitive damages occupy a special place in the Georgia legal system. Unlike damages for pain and suffering or for medical expenses, they are not meant to compensate a victim for a specific harm. Instead, they are intended to punish a person or organization who has acted dangerously and to deter others from repeating those actions […]