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Former College Football Star Killed in Atlanta Auto Accident

A former college football star quarterback was killed in a car accident in an Atlanta suburb in late August. According to reports, Dee Dowis died from injuries he sustained in a two-vehicle accident on Interstate 85 in Gwinnett County.

Dowis played for the Air Force Academy in the late 1980s and set the NCAA career rushing record for a quarterback. He was also a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, given to the top player in college football. Dowis hailed from Royston, Georgia, and served as a pharmaceutical sales representative after his time in the Air Force.

Common causes of car wrecks in Georgia

Although it’s not yet clear exactly what happened in the crash that killed Dowis, it is worth exploring why many auto accidents occur. The following are common factors:

  • Distracted driving: When motorists fail to keep their eyes on the road, they are unable to adjust to changing traffic patterns and other hazards. Mobile devices, food and other passengers are common distractions.
  • Driving while intoxicated: Drinking too much or taking drugs before getting behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous and negligent. Drunk drivers have slowed reaction times and are less likely to notice and avoid potential hazards.
  • Equipment failure: A blown tire, faulty brakes or engine failure may contribute to a car accident, leaving the driver unable to maintain control of the vehicle. Motorists have a responsibility to ensure their cars are in good working condition and safe for travel on Georgia’s roads and highways.
  • Weather conditions: Rain and fog can make it difficult to see, and drivers must slow down and exercise caution when inclement weather is present. Driving too fast for conditions increases the likelihood of a crash occurring.

As you can see, many of the most common factors in auto accidents can be traced back to driver error. If you or a loved one has been injured a Georgia car accident, consult a knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury attorney at McMenamy Law LLC.