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Wintery Weather Makes Driving Difficult in Parts of Georgia

Winter Storm Jonas affected many states along the East Coast, including the northern part of Georgia. Freezing rain and snow battered much of the region during the storm, making for some very hazardous driving conditions.

The Georgia Department of Transportation closed the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway and the Georgia Highway 180 Spur in Blairsville due to the deteriorating conditions brought forth by the wintery weather. Roads became slick and dangerous. Highway crews treated roads with salt and gravel mixes, but still the roads definitely were not in peak condition.

Georgia residents are reminded to take appropriate precautions when winter conditions make driving difficult:

  • Always have your headlights on to ensure other drivers are aware of your presence on the road
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and can clear the windshield without leaving behind streaks
  • Keep your tires inflated at proper levels to improve traction on the road
  • Make sure you have your vehicle stocked with appropriate emergency equipment in case you get stranded, including thermal blankets, shovels, flashlights, first aid kits and more
  • Make use of four wheel drive if your vehicle has it as an option
  • Drive at slower speeds and increase your stopping distance to avoid losing control of your vehicle
  • Do not follow other vehicles too closely
  • If you do begin to feel yourself losing control of your vehicle, let off the gas and do not slam on the brakes
  • If conditions get rough, do not go out on the roads if at all possible

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