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Trucking Accident on Interstate Leads to Five Deaths

A recent accident on Interstate 16 just a few miles of Savannah led to the deaths of five people. Now authorities are trying to determine exactly what caused the crash.

The accident occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 19 when a tractor-trailer reportedly smashed into two different cars and then started on fire on the crowded freeway. Seven vehicles were damaged in the accident, and the highway had to be shut down for several hours while responders cleaned up the scene and attended to the victims. According to officers from the Georgia State Patrol, witnesses claimed to have seen the tractor-trailer swaying in and out of its lane before it hit the cars in front of it. Officers say the early indication is that the driver likely fell asleep behind the wheel.

Truck drivers often operate while fatigued

Unfortunately, truck drivers operating their rigs while overly tired represents a common problem in the industry. Drivers often feel pressured to spend long hours on the road to meet tight deadlines so they can avoid late penalties or possible job loss.

However, trucking companies are supposed to abide by some stringent rules outlining exactly how long drivers are allowed to be on the highway at a given time. When drivers violate these rules, whether by their own volition or due to pressure from the company to meet deadlines, the company could be held liable for any accidents and injuries that occur. This is because trucking companies are expected to monitor the amount of time their drivers spend behind the wheel.

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