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Was Poor Security Responsible for an Apparent Wrongful Death in Macon?

In September 2013, a teenager was shot to death at a Macon motel. The accounts of the incident vary greatly between witnesses and police. What is certain is that 19-year-old Darius Washington – witnesses disagree whether he was from Macon or Warner Robins – was fatally shot in the chest at the Atlanta-area Scottish Inn […]

Fatal Semi-truck Collision in Henry County: Is This a Case of Wrongful Death?

In September 2013, a motorcyclist was killed in Atlanta in a collision with a semi-truck. Police state that 45-year-old Edward Bridges, of Riverdale, was riding northbound on Interstate 75, near the intersection of Interstate 675 in Henry County, when a southbound semi-truck crossed the median and collided with Mr. Bridges almost head-on. Apparently the semi-truck […]

Driver in Fatal Hit-And-Run Remains at Large: Can Uninsured Motorist Coverage Help?

Marietta police are looking for a recreational vehicle (RV) that was involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident earlier this year. Police state that the RV was travelling southbound on Interstate 75 near Delk Road, and attempting to change lanes, when the RV rear-ended a Camry. Due to the force of the collision, the Camry crossed […]

The Truth About Truck Accidents

Many drivers tense up, grip their steering wheel a little bit tighter, and pay closer attention to the road when they pass large trucks on the highway.  It’s almost instinctual and for good reason.  According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Facts, in 2010, 276,000 large trucks (defined as vehicles with a gross […]

Motorcycle Crashes in Georgia

According to a study commissioned by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, motorcycle driver fatalities in Georgia have been steadily increasing over the past two decades.  In 2008, motorcycle accidents resulted in 177 motorcycle driver fatalities in the state of Georgia. This is a 59 percent increase from the 111 motorcycle fatalities reported in 2004. […]