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Study: One in 25 Patients Suffer Infections in Hospitals

According to information from a new study released in the New England Journal of Medicine, about one out of every 25 people seeking treatment at hospitals in 2011 contracted some sort of infection during their stay. The total amount of hospital infections that year was 721,800. Of those, nearly 75,000 individuals died, but it’s important […]

Filing Wrongful Death Lawsuits After Incidents of Malpractice

If a patient dies as a result of medical malpractice, the family of that patient may have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the health care provider or the facility in charge of that provider. Common incidents in which a person could choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit include deaths stemming […]

How to Prove Hospital Negligence in Malpractice Cases

Hospitals can, in some situations, be liable for the negligence of their employees, including nurses, medical assistants, paramedics and technicians. If the employee in question in a malpractice claim was performing a job-related act when the patient suffered an injury, there may be an opportunity to sue the hospital for the expenses and pain and […]

Factors in Settling Cases Involving Motorcycle Accidents

As you make your decision to file a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim after a serious motorcycle accident, one of the questions you’re likely to encounter is the potential value of your claim. This can be difficult to determine, as there are a number of unique factors affecting the value of motorcycle accident claims. […]

When are Trucking Companies Liable for Accidents Their Drivers Cause?

When you suffer injuries from an accident involving a commercial truck, the driver may have been the one who caused the crash. However, he or she might not be the sole party at fault. There are some cases in which trucking companies are liable for accidents their drivers cause. In most cases, an employer is […]

Xarelto the Target of Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a man in Vermont who died in August 2012 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the drug company Xarelto. The man died after fewer than 10 days of using the drug, and the family believes that Xarelto is liable for his death. Xarelto is the brand name of a rivaroxaban drug […]

Truck Driver Charged After Fatal Accident with Motorcycle

A truck driver will be charged with homicide by vehicle and making an improper U-turn after his involvement in an accident that left a motorcyclist dead on an Atlanta road. The crash happened at the intersection of Ferncliff Road and Lenox Road NE. The driver of the truck was in the far right lane and […]

Methods for Proving Damages in Serious Injury Cases

Most people assume that the purpose of litigation and trial in the personal injury context is primarily to decide whether the defendant was at fault for the accident. While this is certainly true in some cases, in many others fault is not even an issue. Even in cases where the defendant’s fault in causing the […]

Companion Claims for Families of Accident Victims

When a serious accident occurs due to the negligence of another, it is not just the injured person who suffers. His or her spouse also experiences a very real deprivation of the various ways in which that individual would have but can no longer contribute to their marriage. To recognize this serious loss, Georgia law […]

What to Look for if Your Young Child Sustains a Blow to the Head

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have been in the news recently because of the number of athletes, both at the college and professional level, who have come forward and admitted they are dealing with the effects of a TBI. However, TBIs are most likely to occur in children under age four, adolescents between ages 15 and […]