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Five Most Common Types of Vehicle Accident Injuries

Three million people are injured each year in motor vehicle accidents. Although these injuries may range from very minor to quite serious, there are several types of injuries that are most commonly seen among crash victims. The five most common types of auto accident injuries are the following: Soft tissue damage: Soft tissue injuries are […]

Trucking Accident on Interstate Leads to Five Deaths

A recent accident on Interstate 16 just a few miles of Savannah led to the deaths of five people. Now authorities are trying to determine exactly what caused the crash. The accident occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 19 when a tractor-trailer reportedly smashed into two different cars and then started on fire on […]

When are Trucking Companies Liable for Accidents Their Drivers Cause?

When you suffer injuries from an accident involving a commercial truck, the driver may have been the one who caused the crash. However, he or she might not be the sole party at fault. There are some cases in which trucking companies are liable for accidents their drivers cause. In most cases, an employer is […]