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Reporting Even Minor Vehicle Accidents is Important

Minor car accidents may seem like more of an annoyance than a liability. This common type of auto accident typically results in small dents or scratches on a vehicle and may not cause injuries to individuals in the cars or trucks involved.

It may feel unnecessary to report these accidents to the authorities or to your insurance provider because they seem so minor. However, it is both lawful and in your best interest to report when minor vehicle incidents occur.

Reporting minor car accidents to law enforcement officials means that an officer will make a record for the accident detailing drivers, witnesses and damages to both vehicles. Police records can be a vital part of establishing liability should there be a future disagreement between you and the other driver about the accident.

State law requires that two or more drivers involved in an accident must share contact and insurance information with one another. If the other driver refuses, or you suspect that they do not have insurance, you will want to have a law enforcement official present to help you.

Also, all too often drivers walk away from an accident believing that they have not been injured, only to have symptoms of injury begin in the following days or weeks. If there is no police record of your accident, the other driver may claim that the accident never took place so that they cannot be accused of causing you injury.

When it comes to reporting an accident to your insurance provider, many people hesitate for fear of increased rates. Nevertheless, all insurance policies in the U.S. mandate that every accident be reported to the insurance provider. Reporting a minor accident to your insurance company will give you another record of the accident occurring, and can help prevent the other driver from taking advantage of the situation after you part ways.

Whether your car accident was minor or severe, it is helpful to report the accident and seek guidance from knowledgeable legal professionals. For further information, speak with a skilled Atlanta car accident attorney at McMenamy Law LLC.