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Reporting an Auto Accident to the DMV

Whenever you are in an automobile accident, you may need to report it to not only the local police department and your insurance company, but also (in some circumstances) to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The laws for filing accident reports with the DMV vary based on where you live, but there are some general guidelines.

You may be required to report an accident to the DMV if:

  • The property damage in the accident is greater than a certain amount
  • Someone was either injured or killed in the accident
  • The police are unable to file an accident report
  • One or more vehicles involved in the accident had to be towed away from the scene
  • The accident report will not actually be filed for some time after the accident

You can check with your local DMV to learn more about specific accident reporting guidelines for your area, including the deadline for when you must file a report. Additionally, there are specific required forms you must fill out as a part of the reporting process. These forms can usually be picked up at your local police station or DMV office.

There are penalties for failing to report an accident to your DMV. You could be forced to pay a fine or even have your driver’s license suspended. Therefore, the best course of action is usually to get the report filed as soon as possible. Make sure to keep a copy of the report for your own records and be as detailed as possible.

For more information and tips on reporting your auto accident to the DMV, work with a knowledgeable Atlanta attorney at McMenamy Law LLC.