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Police Officers in Critical Condition After Accident

Officials confirmed that a police officer from Garden City is still receiving care in a hospital after suffering severe injuries in an accident that occurred at the Garden City Terminal on Monday, March 2. The officer was in the process of coordinating routine traffic operations while on duty when a motor vehicle struck him.

The driver of that vehicle was a 63-year-old commercial operator. According to information provided by police, the driver appeared to have lost some control over his tractor-trailer and ran into the officer. Tests after the accident indicated that the driver was above the legal alcohol limit for the state of Georgia (.08 percent). He has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), as well as driving a vehicle without a decal or tag. Georgia State Patrol is still investigating the crash.

When drivers are charged with and found guilty of DUI stemming from an auto accident, any injuries that occurred may also legally be the fault of that driver. As soon as an intoxicated person gets behind the wheel, he or she forfeits any doubt of liability should a crash occur. This means that victims who wish to file a personal injury claim after an accident may have a better chance at success, as criminal DUI proceedings that run parallel to a civil claim give plaintiffs substantial evidence to use in a claim.

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