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Pedestrian Killed While Trying to Cross Interstate

Authorities near Sandy Springs are trying to figure out exactly what happened in a pedestrian accident that occurred on I-285. A 911 call brought police to the scene where they discovered a body that was badly damaged after being hit by several different vehicles. The deceased was a 53-year-old Sandy Springs resident named Gayla Joyce Walker, who was apparently walking on I-285 westbound for unknown reasons.

The fact that Walker was walking on the freeway was strange enough, but police are also unsure as to why not a single one of the drivers that hit her stopped. It is a felony to leave the scene of an accident, yet judging by the state of Walker’s body and the testimony of several witnesses, it is clear that there were at least a few vehicles that hit her. Police believe that the first vehicle to hit Walker was a large vehicle, likely a semi truck. They have also identified a white pickup truck with a possible camper shell on the bed as another vehicle to have hit her.

Police are encouraging anyone with information about the accident to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers Atlanta. There is a cash reward available for information that could help the investigation.

People who commit hit-and-runs face severe punishments, including possible jail time and major fines. Additionally, being convicted of a hit-and-run makes judges less likely to have sympathy on the perpetrator in any possible civil litigation that would occur in conjunction with the case, such as a wrongful death claim.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you may need to take legal action to seek the compensation you need and deserve. Speak with an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney at McMenamy Law, LLC to learn more.