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Local Student-Athlete Makes Comeback After Auto Accident

An Atlanta high school student-athlete is getting back on the field after a car accident left him with shattered facial bones and a tracheotomy tube. The 17-year-old was reportedly driving home from work when he collided with another vehicle. He was unconscious for four days and placed on a ventilator. When he awoke, he underwent 11 hours of facial reconstruction surgery.

The student left the hospital 19 days after the accident, proudly wearing his team’s baseball hat, and returned to school shortly thereafter. He is now playing summer baseball, even after doctors initially said he would never be able to play again.

Seeking medical care immediately

When first responders must go to the site of a serious crash, they must be able to quickly identify and treat a wide range of injuries — some of which the victim might not even notice. However, even if emergency services are not necessary after your accident, it’s still important to visit with a medical professional for an examination.

Doctors may suggest treatments for bodily injury, ranging from medication to chiropractic care. More serious injuries may require physical therapy. Recovery time depends on the type of injury, its severity and the physical fitness of the patient. Healthcare coverage, family support and workplace support can all help make recovery a smoother process.

Auto accidents can take a physical and psychological toll on victims. The financial stress surrounding insurance, taking time off work and medical bills only make the problem worse. If you or someone close to you has been injured in an auto accident, contact an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer with McMenamy Law LLC.