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Georgia Boy Seriously Injured in Accident at Rest Stop

A five-year-old boy from Bedford, Georgia was seriously injured at a rest stop in Macon on Saturday, March 28 when a vehicle driving into the rest stop reportedly jumped a curb and ran into him. The boy’s family was stopped at the rest area while traveling home from a vacation in Florida. According to his father, who saw the event happen, the boy was trapped between the vehicle’s bumper and a nearby concrete picnic table.

The driver of the vehicle was an elderly woman who claimed that she pressed the gas pedal when she thought that she was hitting the brake. The boy was rushed to the Macon Children’s Hospital’s critical care unit, where he was listed as being in stable condition. However, the boy’s father described his condition as “guarded.” He suffered several broken ribs and collapsed and punctured lungs in the accident.

The boy’s father said that the vehicle also hit three other people, including a nurse who was thrown onto the car’s windshield, the young boy’s grandfather and a third person who had attempted unsuccessfully to push the boy out of the way before the vehicle hit. The father described all three people as heroes who “shook off” their injuries and did everything they could to assist his son after the collision. The grandfather freed the boy by lifting both the table and car away from him.

This was a particularly serious example of a pedestrian accident, which may result in critical injuries for those involved. If you need to learn more about your legal options after one of these accidents, speak with an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer at McMenamy Law LLC.