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Family Wins Settlement in Lawsuit Filed Against Georgia Prison System

Georgia’s prison system has become the subject of legal scrutiny in recent months, with lawsuits being filed against the prison for violence. The first lawsuit filed against the system in regard to incidents of violence at the Hays State Prison, violence that lead to deaths of four inmates, has now reached a settlement with a value of several hundred thousand dollars.


RaHonda MacClain was the plaintiff behind this first lawsuit. She alleged that her son was strangled, beaten and then left to die in his prison bed by gangs within the prison. She says that the state should be held liable for the gang violence that has become prevalent within state correctional facilities, as they have completely ignored the risks present to teammates. According to the lawsuit, cell door locks were often left broken or could be cracked open with an item as simple as a paper napkin.


MacClain passed away earlier this year, and her family chose to settle the case as a result. But family members say that had the case gone to trial, they believe they would have earned even more money.


Damion MacClain, the son who passed away in the incident, was the second prisoner killed within the span of a week during December 2012 at Hays State Prison, with two more dying within the next two months. The Department of Corrections eventually fired the warden and spent a significant amount of money to fix the broken cell doors and to increase safety standards around the facility. But family members of the deceased inmates say that the state’s actions were too little too late.


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