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Driver Charged After Accident that Seriously Injured Georgia DOT Worker

The Suwanee woman accused of hitting a construction worker with her car while driving under the influence was recently released on bond. She’s been charged with serious injury by vehicle, reckless driving, drunk driving and making an erratic lane change, among others.

A Georgia DOT Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) was responding to an accident in downtown Atlanta when the woman struck him in the roadway. He was rushed to the hospital and suffered serious brain and head injuries.

HEROs are dispatched to traffic accidents and help clear the site and redirect traffic. The injured worker was setting out flares when he was struck. When there is already an accident on the road, drivers are at greater risk for another accident due to restricted roadways, victims and responders in the road, slowed speeds around the area and the confusion and distraction associated with crash sites.

A hazardous scenario

Accidents happen quickly, and it can be difficult for other drivers to respond in time, potentially leading to multivehicle accidents. Negligent drivers are especially dangerous when it comes to these unexpected road conditions. If emergency responders are trying to work, they are at a great risk of being hit by motorists who may not see them.

Every year, an estimated 60 Department of Transportation workers die in traffic accidents across the country, which is five times the rate of law enforcement and 12 times the rate of firefighter casualties. In Georgia, an estimated 70 drivers an hour are involved in car accidents.

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