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Driver Accused of Hitting Police Vehicle While Intoxicated

A suspected drunk driver is accused of smashing into a Georgia State Patrol vehicle on February 12 near the intersection of Roswell Road and Piedmont Road in Buckhead. The officer suffered minor injuries but is expected to make a full recovery; the driver was arrested and could face various charges.

The allegedly intoxicated driver is accused of pulling out of the parking lot of the Ivy Lounge and T-boning the police vehicle with his sedan. The driver told officers that he thought he had had a green light. According to investigators, however, there is a stop sign, not a traffic light, at the accident scene, and the driver was charged with running that.  As can be seen with this accident, drunk driving presents a serious danger to drivers, passengers and everyone else on the road. For this reason, Georgia limits blood alcohol content to 0.08 percent in adults, 0.02 percent in those under 21, and 0.04 percent for commercial drivers.

No punitive damages cap

Under Georgia law, most lawsuits resulting from auto accidents and other personal injuries have a punitive damages cap of $250,000. This cap is in place because punitive damages are not intended to compensate an injured person, but rather to punish the defendant and dissuade others from participating in dangerous practices. In most situations, the threat of $250,000 in punitive damages may be enough to keep people from negligently harming others. To help prevent intoxicated driving, however, the state has lifted this restriction on any cases where actions or negligence occur while the defendant is intoxicated under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a driver accused of being intoxicated, consult an Atlanta drunk driving accident attorney at McMenamy Law LLC to learn more.