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Dangerous Transportation Companies Shut Down

Two Georgia transportation companies and three other businesses were recently shut-down as imminent hazards to public health by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA).

In February, 2014, FMSCA ordered the immediate shut-down of an Atlanta-based transportation company. In March, the agency shut down four more companies. In all, three passenger carriers and two freight carriers were shut down.

After investigation by FMSCA, three of the companies involved in the shut-down include:

  • STSC Transportation Services, Inc.: This Atlanta passenger carrier operates shuttles between Philadelphia and New York City. The agency found systematic violations of federal regulations including operation of buses placed out-of-service for safety violations, lack of annual safety inspections, inoperable emergency exits, failure to conduct random testing for drug and alcohol use by drivers and failure to ensure compliance with measures to prevent fatigued driving.
  • Woodburn’s Tour and Travel: This East Point, Georgia company was shut down as an imminent hazard to public safety for failure to maintain or repair its fleet of motor coaches. Woodburn employed drivers prior to ensuring they passed pre-employed drug and alcohol tests, and failed to require that drivers maintain records as required by federal law.
  • Motts Transportation, Inc.: This South Carolina company was shut-down for failure to maintain its motor coaches and adhere to federal driver regulations.

These companies, along with two trucking companies were the latest shut-down efforts taken by FMSCA as part of Operation Quick Strike. Quick Strike investigates and pursues carriers identified as high-risk.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx noted, “[c]ompanies that are unwilling to meet their safety obligations will not be allowed to operate on our highways and roads.”

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