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Accident Involving Pair of Semis Blocks Traffic at Florida-Georgia Line

All of the southbound lanes on Interstate 95 were closed near the Florida-Georgia Line on a Friday in late January after an accident involving two semi trucks blocked traffic on the freeway. The accident occurred around 5:30 a.m., and the Florida Highway Patrol quickly responded to the report of the crash. The collision of the two big rigs led to significant damage to both vehicles, and one of the drivers was hospitalized for his injuries.

One of the trucks involved in the accident was a FedEx semi truck (driven by Michael Mackey), and the other was a FreshPoint rig (driven by C.J. Williams) carrying a variety of produce. Mackey rear-ended the FreshPoint truck with his vehicle, and then swerved and crashed into the interstate’s center guard rail. He was taken to Nassau Hospital with serious injuries, but was expected to survive. Williams suffered minor injuries in the accident and did not require hospitalization.

The Florida Highway Patrol charged Mackey with careless driving in the accident. Traffic was diverted through a nearby agricultural truck inspection lot until crews are able to clear the trucks and the debris from the road.

The vast majority of trucking accidents are caused by driver error, and this case is no exception. Truck drivers spend a very long amount of time on the road in a week, which can occasionally make it easier for them to be distracted or careless behind the wheel. They also often attempt to push themselves to drive long distances without the proper amount of sleep so that they can meet their deadlines.

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