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New Radar Technology Could Help Solve Georgia Texting While Driving Epidemic

A new technology may be incorporated in Georgia to help solve problems related to texting while driving. There are new radar devices in development that would be used by police officers to detect whether a person is texting while behind the wheel of their car, a dangerous situation for everyone on the road.

The technology would work by picking up certain radar frequencies that get emitted by cell phones. The frequency emitted while sending a text message is completely different than the frequency used to use the GPS device on a phone or to stream music. The technology is similar to the type of tool that a cable repair person uses to find leaks in frequencies in a transmission when cables are damaged.

However, there are still some issues that ComSonics, the company developing that technology, must solve before the device can hit the open market. For instance, the company needs to be able to figure out a way to determine who is sending the text with the device when there are cars with multiple people. The company would also need to get legal approval for the device before being able to sell it to law enforcement agencies.

Texting while driving is illegal in almost every state, and has become something of an epidemic in recent years. More and more people, particularly young drivers, are admitting to texting while behind the wheel, and the momentary distraction that it causes could lead to crashes causing severe injuries or deaths.

Personal injury attorneys across the state are looking forward to hearing more about the development of this technology. In the meantime, if you have been injured in a car accident you believe was caused by someone texting while driving, speak with a trusted Atlanta injury lawyer at McMenamy Law, LLC.