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Injured Clayton County Firefighters Involved in Wreck Save Girl’s Life

A fire truck and another vehicle collided this May on a Clayton County road when an 18-year-old woman ran a red light and hit the side of the truck. The crash resulted in multiple injuries, with the most serious being a six-year-old girl in cardiac arrest. The child was airlifted to a medical facility but not before her life was saved at the scene by the very firefighters who were injured in the accident.

The driver’s passengers were her two younger sisters, and the six-year-old was reportedly wearing a safety belt, but sitting in the front seat without a booster seat. In the immediate aftermath of the wreck, the young girl was not breathing and had to be revived by the firefighters. These rescuers, Lt. David Leply, Sgt. Christopher Stripling and Jamal Daniel, temporarily ignored their own injuries to tend to the three injured sisters until help arrived. They are being hailed as heroes by their fire chief and by witnesses to the crash.

The dangers of running red lights and stop signs

Any time a driver disregards a stop sign or a red light, they are putting themselves and others in serious danger. While everyone in this wreck was lucky to survive with their lives, this isn’t always the case. Accidents caused by people running lights and stop signs are often T-bone wrecks, where one vehicle smashes into the side of another. This type of accident is extremely dangerous for those sitting on the side of the car that was hit; it can also cause catastrophic or fatal injuries to others involved in the crash.

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