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Head-On Crash Causes Serious Injuries on Georgia Roadway

Four people were seriously hurt this April after a head-on crash in Brunswick, when a woman allegedly crossed over into opposing traffic on County Road 17 near Needwood Road and hit a car carrying three occupants. According to witnesses, the cars were traveling in opposite directions, and the woman who caused the crash is alleged to have been swerving for miles before the accident. It is unknown whether she was intoxicated or possibly experiencing a medical situation.

Head-on crashes are extremely dangerous

Like many head-on wrecks, this crash was particularly violent. It took rescuers more than an hour to extract one of the women from the car that was hit. That woman, along with her fellow passengers, suffered serious injuries. All four people involved in the accident were hospitalized.

Head-on crashes are one of the most serious types of vehicle accidents because of the force involved. Two cars, often travelling at high speeds, are suddenly stopped when they collide, with the passengers inside absorbing some of this force. Because the passengers have so much momentum as deceleration occurs, they often collide violently with airbags, dashboards or windshields.

Like other so-called lane departure wrecks, head-on collisions are frequently caused by a driver losing control of their vehicle. Drivers in control rarely collide with opposing traffic directly. Commonly, drivers heading in different directions will meet with a glancing blow known as a sideswipe. This type of accident can cause the drivers to lose control, but the initial impact isn’t nearly as dangerous on its own as a head-on wreck.

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