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Atlanta Man Charged with Reckless Driving After Accident

A man who was involved in a crash at the corner of Windy Hill Rd. and Atlanta Rd. in Smyrna was charged with reckless driving, as police say his recklessness was the cause of the accident. Four people were sent to the hospital with injuries as a result.

According to police, 46-year-old David Wayne Ballard drove his car, a gray-colored Mazda RX8, up an embankment, which caused his car to vault into the air and come crashing down on top of two vehicles that were stopped at the intersection. He had been driving west on Windy Hill Road when he suddenly swerved onto the sidewalk and then up a concrete slope that goes to a railroad overpass over Windy Hill Road. He was airborne for about 20 feet before landing on the stopped vehicles, a gold minivan and white truck.

The driver of the minivan was being kept in care at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in critical condition. Ballard came away from the accident with minor injuries. Police have not yet released any other details surrounding the accident, including how or why Ballard was driving so recklessly, so there is not yet any evidence as to whether any sort of medical issue or intoxication was involved. He is currently being held in the Cobb jail while police continue to investigate the details surrounding the crash.

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